Stop the sale of CMS Public land at Sedgefield Middle School

Fight the CMS Land Sale

No one person or even a small group can have an effect on this alone....we need the larger group voice to be heard

We need your help to make an impact on both the CMS School Board as well as the County Board of Commissioners.

Write/email/call them and tell them your feelings on this sale of your Private land.

You can make a difference!

Board of County Commissioners

NAME                      EMAIL                                                 

Bill James     

Jim Puckett   

Trevor Fuller 

Pat Cotham   

Ella Scarborough

Vilma Leake   

George Dunlap

Dumont Clarke

Matthew Ridenhour

CMS School Board Members

Mary McCray        

Elyse Dashew     

Erica Ellis-Stewart

Thelma Byers-Bailey

Ruby Jones          

Tom Tate             

Eric Davis            

Paul Bailey           

Rhonda Lennon   

Here is a sample letter you could send:


Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners, and Mecklenburg County School Board Members


I am writing to each of you to voice my support of the many Neighborhood associations and their members such as Sedgefield, Freedom Park, South-End, Collingwood in opposition to the sale to commercial developers/contractors of the property adjacent to Sedgefield Middle School, bordering on McDonald Avenue.


Further development of this vacant property will result in significant negative impact to the intrinsic character and long-standing neighborhood use of this property.  We, as government officials, and concerned citizens, need to protect the context of special sections of our neighborhoods, and prevent over-development in these areas. Needless to say, Sedgefield Middle School is located in the heart of a dynamic growing area and will need its space to service the growing and diverse student body.


Please, halt the sale of this property, and protect our favorite neighborhood places.