Stop the sale of CMS Public land at Sedgefield Middle School

Fight the CMS Land Sale

Meeting notes from Monday August 22, 7pm

With Guest Eric Davis of the CMS School board


These are the highlights and discussion points from the meeting

  1. Sedgefield Montessori School uses the land for class activates
  2. The space is idea for neighbors with pets for walks
  3. CMS can later move the track (relocate) and use the recovered space for school addition
  4. There needs to be a larger group compromise involving: CMS/County Comm/City/Private business/Neighborhood Assoc./CDOT/Civic groups/Parks Dept.
  5. CMS funds come from everywhere and are spent everywhere, so don’t be upset if Sedgefield Land is sold and not reinvested here
  6. Impact on Wetlands and the loss of old Growth trees …how to protect these and not loose these resources
  7. Connectivity: This is a critical space that bikers, walkers and commuters use to connect Southend, South Blvd, Sedgefield, Dilworth as well as commerce and business sites (Jeanne Woosley)
  8. Butterfly part is about 10 acres….need to confirm, the park needs more space.
  9. Investigate the importance of the Tree Canopy and Tre Ordnances
  10. Potential land Swap: CMS could sell whatever land it gets, Sedgefield gets to grow park
  11. Timing is still key here…what can be done to extend this time frame
  12. Split the land and sell less of it for more money
  13. Split the land and keep some of it to grow the park
  14. Make the space available for area sports fields and practice fields
  15. What happens when all the lad is sold, what will CMS do?
  16. If CMS wants buy in and support from the surrounding neighborhood schools, then CMS should support the needs of the neighborhood…Don’t sell this land
  17. Learn about the history of the CMS Eastway land sale…what happened
  18. General feeling of CMS is to compromise vs sell land for profit, they just want the money still? Eric agrees to talk to board and investigate comprise
  19. One member of the audience voice an official No Vote for Plute as the buyer (poor quality) and several other attendees agreed
  20. Need professional money/fund raising help to build partnerships with private businesses
  21. Improve the schools (Sedgefield) and then the people will come
  22. Trade land at elementary school
  23. What is expiration of Pulte offer?
  24. Host Bike events with police or mayor to showcase the land/space
  25. Visit Sedgefield School open houses so parents will know they are losing this land